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Should you fear Sovereign Wealth Funds?

the onionDue to their ability to bail out the faltering bank industry, Ron Paul says no. I disagree. [The few rare exceptions, right?] While on principle no third party is justified in forcibly restricting the consensual trade of goods and services, SWFs are simply exacerbating the correction process. A recession is not necessarily a bad thing because it cleans up the poorly managed firms. And SWFs sweeping in to prevent their collapse is not laudable. And not to get into efficiencies or profitability, but it should be noted that SWFs have been killed in the past 6 months because their portfolio diversification has been terrible. Not to mention that their funds bankrolled subprime schemes and propped up some of the very banks responsible for the liquidity issues today. Politicians should not be allowed to curtail outside investors, but they shouldn't be allowed to own, manage or control investment funds either. Privatize their assets. Be sure to see Jim Rogers discussion on the recent Fed bailout as well.

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