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Serenity (2005)

"Half of history is hiding the truth." This western in space portrays a well imagined future in which humans have scattered across hundreds of planets and moons. The Alliance rules a flourishing civilization which fought successfully to defeat the secession of outlying settlements on the wild frontier. Serenity is a ship with a crew of former independence fighters who now make their way smuggling and hitting the Alliance when they can. The film brings the crew face to face with the dark heart of the Alliance's mission to bring enlightened civilization to all, whether they want it or not. Filled with well wrought characters and a wonderful sense of humor, this film insightfully portrays not only the empire but a doughty band of independent spirits who just want to be allowed to go their own way. Rated PG-13 for violence and sexual references. See this review.

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Note: Despite good reactions from critics, fans of the Firefly series that preceded this film and folks who just wandered into the film, this film is not doing well. (See this review by the great science fiction writer Orson Scott Card to get an idea of the enthusiasm for this film). So if you want to catch it in the theatre, and you do, go now. Seriously, today.

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