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Screw up, win big


At a rough reckoning, Bloomberg calculates that Ms. Carleton S. Fiorina was paid around $15 million dollars (net of options) to run Hewlett Packard for 5½ years — and then approximately $21 million to leave the job to someone hopefully more capable than she!

But, if there is one lesson which Corporatist America can teach us, today, it is that failure is no bar to political ambition, provided it has been achieved on a grand enough scale – and given that the words, "Yes, Sir" have been uttered unfailingly to those in power (presumably while overseeing plenteous donations to the right PACs).

Thus, there are not brickbats, but bays, for our heroine: the East Coast press is presently all abuzz with whispers that Ms. Fiorina may be nominated by the Bush White House to fill the vacant post of World Bank chairman/woman/person/thingummy.

Sean Corrigan is the author of 'Money, Macro & Markets' newsletter & Consultant to Hinde Capital.

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