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Prize Seeking Nominations


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It was mentioned on this blog the other day that I had the good fortune to win one of the Templeton Enterprise Awards earlier this week. Right now I'd like to speak on behalf of this program, since people who read this blog could well be producing the very kind of work that it seeks to honor. (People on this blog may also know of good books and articles to nominate.)

Three book prizes and three article prizes are given. The top book prize wins $50,000 and the top article prize $25,000. There is also an essay contest for undergraduates with a top prize of $10,000.

(My advice, by the way, is always to enter essay contests, since I don't think many people do. If you don't win, you at least have a good article to publish somewhere.)

According to the prize's website, "The prestigious Templeton Enterprise Awards are given annually to the best books and articles published in the previous year on the culture of enterprise. The awards are designed to encourage young scholars (thirty-nine or younger at the time of publication) to explore and illuminate the process by which economics and culture are related throughout the world."

Find out more information here. Note that nominations for this year (which must draw from books and articles published in 2006) are due May 31, 2007.

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