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The Official Raving Monster Loony Party


The above are one of the parties fighting the General Election in Britain on the 5th May. Their 'Manicfesto' is delightful, although some references are veddy British: http://www.omrlp.com/

A sample: "All WMD's (weapons of Mass Distraction) will be made highly visible so that we can find them." "Any politician wanting to start a war will be shipped off to the country in question with a bag of conkers [chestnuts]. They can then conker the country themselves."

Sudha Shenoy (1943–2008) was a lecturer in economic history at the University of Newcastle, Australia. She held visiting posts at California State University, Hayward; Ohio University, Athens; George Mason University; and the Mises Institute. She was the author of India: Progress or Poverty (London, IEA, 1971), Underdevelopment and Economic Growth (London: Longman, 1970), and articles in the South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences and other journals, as well as book chapters. She is also the editor of A Tiger By the Tail: The Keynesian Legacy of Inflation by F.A. Hayek. See her interview in the Austrian Economics Newsletter.

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