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Obama Is a Misesian?


Can we even count the number of confusions and falsehoods in Brad Cotton’s editorial for the Circleville Herald? Here’s they key passage:

The Austrian/Chicago economic academic model as taught by Mises, Hayek and Friedman and implemented among us by Reagan, Greenspan, Bush and Geithner, even Clinton and Obama, and perpetuated by gazillions of Wall Street dollars buying legislators is that we, the people, are incapable of governing, that the totally lawless and amoral free market ensures the greater good. The inevitable end result is dead coal miners, thousands dying for lack of health care and the dangerous acquisition of wealth and influence, the destruction of democracy itself, by modern day feudal lords. [via Robert Wenzel, EconomicPolicyJournal.com]

Bob Roddis comments, “Like all leftists, Mr.Cotton is congenitally unable or unwilling to differentiate between the free market and crony capitalism.”

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