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Murray Rothbard With a Texas Accent


Prestopundit (aka Greg Ransom) had a funny word to describe, based on a article by Will Wilkinson, how several left-liberal pundits including Paul Krugman, Maureen Dowd and Harold Meyerson are describing President Bush: Murray Rothbard with a Texas accent.

Krugman decried the alleged "ideological hostility to the very idea of using government" of the Bush administration, Meyerson attacked its alleged "economic libertarianism" and Dowd its "limited government", all three blaming Bush's alleged libertarian ideology for the problems with the rescue operation in New Orleans. Of course, government spending has only increased 32% under the first 4 years of the Bush administration (For FY 2005 I've added the 7% increase of the first 10 months)compared with the 14% increase under the first 4 years of the Clinton administration, so we clearly see how dogmatically libertarian and hostile towards the use of government the Bush administration has been.

Bush has been more like LBJ with a Texas accent--oh wait I forgot, LBJ did have a Texas accent (Funny, btw, that Texas presidents are so high-spending when Texas, in its state politics, is relatively low tax.) It can't be easy right now to be either a partisan Democrat who loves big government (like the three aforementioned pundits) or a partisan Republican who truly wants small government, now that Bush is expanding government faster than ever. Both of these types seem to respond by denying reality and falsely claiming that Bush stands for limited government.

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