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Murray Rothbard and Ron Paul Mentioned on NRO's The Corner


Tags Free Markets

Rothbard got a favorable mention on a National Review Online blog called The Corner. Ron Paul got a mention in the same post as well, in connection with Rothbard.

About Rothbard, John Derbyshire wrote: "Dunno about you, but the more I contemplate our federal government and its works, the better Murray Rothbard is starting to look." He then quoted from the Wikipedia article on Rothbard: "It was in 1949 that Rothbard first concluded that the free market could provide all services, including police, courts, and defense services better than could the State." And he concluded: "I wouldn't be a bit surprised."

If Derbyshire had stopped there, I'm sure all of us would have been surprised and delighted. Of course, he didn't: "Probably there are limits." After repeating parenthetically a smear disguised as a joke about Rothbard's view of how private lighthouses would be run, we find out that one of those limits might be on immigration.

Click here to read a little more. Hat tip to Liberator Online for bringing this to my attention.

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