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More Keynesian Folly


I will be a guest today on Turning Hard Times into Good Times with Jay Taylor. The program is "Keynes Destroyed the West but Not Gold" and ‘airs’ 3-5 PM Eastern Time.

The promo describes my part as “Cochran will explain how Keynes' anti-free market interest rates are destroying life sustaining capitalism. To enable Keynesian interest rate policies and deficit spending, the free market for gold had to be destroyed so it would not constrict money "printing" and deficit spending stimulation advocated by Keynes” This is a follow up to the recent Mises Daily “Current Fed Policy: An Exercise in Keynesian Folly”.

Last week’s guest on the program was Mark Thornton discussing the risk of hyperinflation in Hyperinflation 2014 The End Game Begins. Mark begins at about 4 PM on this recorded version of that podcast. This and previous programs can be accessed at Jay Taylor Media or at the host Voice America Business.

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