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Moderately Principled?


When surfing the web I "accidently" ended up on the web site of America's third party--the Libertarian Party. Established in 1971 as a radical alternative to the Republicrats parties it has become known as the Party of Principle. I'm not sure whether this is applicable anymore, not after the Libertarian Reform Caucus successfully repealed "most of the old platform" at the convention in Portland. But the slogan is still there.

Whether a result of the Caucus or not, the LP advertises its politics as Smaller Government... Fewer Taxes... More Freedom.... What? Smaller Government? Fewer Taxes? More Freedom?Imagine such a Libertarian Party in Sweden. I guess lowering taxes to 52% of GDP would then suffice to be considered a principled Libertarian. With this perspective the Swedish National Taxpayers Union is surely as radical as socialists claim they are. Their slogan saying people should "keep half" of their earnings after taxes goes a lot further than would the party of priniciple, Swedish version...

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