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Ludwig von Mises’s 'Erinnerungen' Is Back in Print


Ludwig von Mises’s Erinnerungen is back in print! Publisher Lucius & Lucius, Stuttgart, has produced a very nice format, including a foreword written by yours truly. This German-language book is available on Amazon here, and is from Mises's original manuscript, written in German. English-language readers will know this book as Memoirs or Notes and Recollections.

[From Guido Hülsmann's foreword to the 2009 English version (written prior to the completion of Last Knight of Liberalism):

"Much if not most of what we know is based on the present autobiographical recollections, which Mises started to write upon his arrival in the United States in August 1940. By the end of that year he had finished a first draft of the German-language manuscript and then polished his memoirs for another two years. Finally he gave the handwritten text to his wife Margit for custody and eventual publication. In 1978, five years after his death, she published both the German original and an English translation..."]  

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