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It’s garbage, for crying out loud


I say I’m nosy, my wife says I’m bitter. She’s probably right. Regardless, our township contracts out residential refuse and garbage removal. All residents are required to pay for the service, whether they use it or not. The current contract was about to end so the township sent it out for bid.

Since I am nosy (my view), I wanted to see what recycling nonsense is in the official legal notice to bidders. So I made a public records request for the legal notice and similar documents.

There is a recycling requirement for the successful bidder, and it appears the township trustees can consider the recycling response when selecting the “lowest responsive and responsible bidder.”

In addition, there is the standard requirement for each bidder to provide a “Contract Performance Bond or Performance Cash Deposit” within 10 days of being awarded the contract.

But then there is this language:

Per R.C. Section 2909.33, the successful bidder will be required to certify that it does not provide material assistance to any organization on the United States Department of State terrorist exclusion list, which list may be found on the Ohio Homeland Security web site at: http://www.homelandsecurity.ohio.gov/. Certification shall be made by completing a Declaration Regarding Material Assistance/No Assistance to a Terrorist Organization form.

It’s garbage, for crying out loud.

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