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It’s the fault of management


There’s something creepy about the impending resignation of the head of GM, in anticipation of an announced bailout of the company. Not that Rick Wagoner doesn’t deserve to go, but his departure will be used as the news to justify the continuation of a broken system. So too the Soviet system existed for 70 years with a general pattern that the head of state would blame all problems on the existing management of state-owned companies, that they were thieves, incompetent, disobedient, insufficiently loyal to socialism or whatever. It wasn’t the state, the intervention, the system, but always and everywhere the personnel–they had to be shot or imprisoned as a matter of justice–and if we could just get the right people in charge of the factories, it would be onward and upward to socialist utopia. The management served as the scapegoats, people for the public to blame all problems on as a way of distracting from the real problem. Something about this news suggests something along the same lines.

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