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For Intellectual Autarky, Against Intellectual Imperialism


I am convinced by the wisdom of Don Boudreaux. I posted this in the comments at Cafe Hayek:

You make a good point. For this reason, I have decided to stop reading Cafe Hayek, Carpe Diem, Marginal Revolution, and any blog that isn’t produced by a member of my household. Your intellectual imperialism is coming to an end, gentlemen; your blog has for far too long crowded out of our domestic market the valuable economic insights produced by me, my wife, our two-and-a-half year-old son (who is of the firm conviction that consumption and destruction are the roads to true happiness and prosperity), and our seven-month old daughter (who gurgles a lot). Indeed, I look forward to the intellectual renaissance that will take place within these walls. I’m sure you will envy it. I will write about it, but be assured that for the sake of our vibrant domestic intellectual and artistic culture, I will not read your reply.

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