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Human Action in Swedish

125px-Flag_of_Sweden.svgAs we noted a couple of months ago (here and here), the Swedish Mises Institute (officially the Ludwig von Mises-institutet i Sverige) were organized a crowd funding campaign to finance the translation and subsequent publication of Mises's magnum opus Human Action in Swedish. They eventually reached (exceeded, actually) their goal of SEK 60,000 (almost $9,000) and are now working on getting the translation done, proofed, and then published. If all goes well, they hope to have the book available already in the fall - at least in a digital format. (This, of course, would require quite a bit of human action.) Those of you who read Swedish or wish to learn - and this is obviously a great opportunity for Misesians in e.g. Minnesota and Wisconsin with Swedish or Scandinavian ancestry - may want to consider investing in a copy or two of the final product. Keep an eye on the Mises.se site for updates on how this project progresses. Find the post We Made It! here in English translation.

Per Bylund is assistant professor of entrepreneurship & Records-Johnston Professor of Free Enterprise in the School of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University. Website: PerBylund.com.

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