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Hoppe: Another Letter


Dear President Harter:

As a teacher of business ethics at Chapman University, I am truly revolted at the idea that Professor Hans Hoppe's generalizations, which simply serve as illustrations of statistically valid economic principles as applying to the behavior of different people with different beliefs and attitudes, should serve as grounds for any kind of academic reprimand.

I, as a Hungarian born American, often make references to how Hungarians tend to behave in order to illustrate various points, and these generalizations are perfectly proper for their purposes. (For example, Hungarians will, in the main, chase a street car to catch it even at great risk, whereas Danish people will immediately look for the next car, once one has begun to move away from the station.) That people without children tend to save less avidly than those with children is a simple generalization that no rational person can dispute. Homosexuals tend not to have children as frequently as heterosexuals, so the generalization applies to them.

I, who am a vocal supporter of gay marriages and other civil liberties, urge you to stop harassing Professor Hoppe.

Sincerely, Tibor R. Machan

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