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The Governator is Wrong


In the Republican National convention, Arnold Schwarzenegger said that terrorism is worse than Socialism. Empirically, he is wrong. Between the Nazis, the USSR, and China, Socialism has been responsbible for hundreds of millions of murders. The number of murders committed by terrorists doesn't even come anywhere near that.

I tend to like Schwarzenneger. In spite of choosing Warren Buffet as his economic adviser, I think Schwarzennegger is generally Austro-libertarian. Schwarzennegger's apparently been to an Austrian conference on economics. He's also influenced by Milton Friedman (unfortunately, he's also felt Friedman's influence in education). One of the few Republicans (outside of Ron Paul) who can talk about freedom without being a hypocrite.

I certainly don't agree with Schwarzennegger on the military, and it was painful to listen to him on this topic. More painful, however, was that someone who generally is a supporter of the free market, and who bettered his lot through completely voluntary free-market interactions (Schwarzennegger), gave his support to someone who is not a supporter of the free market, and bettered his lot by the political means (G.W. Bush).

On a side-note, I thought the "speech" by G.W. Bush's daughters was embarassing. There are some things that you're almost embarassed to listen to in the privacy of your own room. That's one of them. One of the particularly inappropriate statements was something along the lines of "Our grandmother thinks that Sex in the City is something married people do in the city, but never talk about." It was immediately obvious that Mrs. Bush Sr. was greatly displeased by that statement (the camera briefly focused on her). Whoever approved such an unmodest speech must have been off his or her rocker.


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