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Forget gun control: we now have dog control


Tags Interventionism


Looks like the Chicago city council wants to require every dog to be implanted with a microchip ID, limit tethering, pay fines for letting them roam free and choose between neutering or higher license charges. Also, "grooming, boarding and doggie day-care facilities would be licensed and subject to strict operating standards..."

Says a Chicago tyrant:

"We're setting up an infrastructure in our city to take better care of our dogs. People who don't, it sets a process in place, after repeat offenses, to take those dogs away from them and putting them in loving and caring environments,"

Oh I just can't wait! Chicago will be a city without roaming dogs, without poop. All hail our new Pet Overlords.

Update: Albuquerque has similar ordinances.

Manuel Lora is a multimedia producer at Cornell University.

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