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Evidence of Infamy

December 7, 2012

Two revisionist must-reads for this "Day of Infamy" (the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor): How U.S. Economic Warfare Provoked Japan's Attack on Pearl Harbor by Robert Higgs and Pearl Harbor: Roosevelt Knew by Justin Raimondo.  Some conservative and libertarian-ish fans of our Facebook page have recoiled in horror at the evidence and arguments presented in these pieces. Professor Higgs reflects: "That so many Americans react with shock and anger when they encounter evidence about FDR's various efforts to bring the USA into World War II tells me that they have personally identified with the state. Hence, they react to anyone's indictment of the state as if it were a personal attack on them. They will seek any possible way to defend the state and its leaders, regardless of plain evidence of those leaders' complicity or responsibility.

Professional historians for the most part long ago accepted that FDR wanted to get the USA into the war, but they do not blame him for doing so. On the contrary, they praise him for his far-sighted understanding that this country "needed to" enter or "should have" entered the war, given what a wonderful project it was. The great majority of Americans, they believe, were at the time too pig-headed and parochial to recognize what should be done for the good of the country and the world."

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