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The Enduring Influence of Ludwig von Mises


The March issue of Reason magazine contains an interesting interview with the Fox News Channel's Judge Andrew Napolitano about government and his new book Constitutional Chaos: What Happens When the Government Breaks Its Own Laws. Here are portions of a couple of key exchanges:

Reason: How do you feel about Alberto Gonzales as attorney general?

Napolitano: He will be the first attorney general in American history, publicly, to be in favor of torture.

Reason: What's your wish list for ending constitutional chaos?

Napolitano: First thing we should do is abolish the 16th Amendment.

Judge Napolitano also remarks: "I also believe that government is best which governs least and that the Constitution only gives 18 specific enumerated delegated powers to the federal government."

His new book is dedicated to St. Thomas More.

But when asked, "Besides Thomas More, who are your heroes?"  Napolitano replied: "I am a great admirer of the work of Ludwig von Mises. He was a true believer that the engine of freedom will make us safer, happier, more culturally admirable, and ultimately give us the freedom to go to heaven."

It is indeed good to see more and more religious people that are coming to appreciate the work of Mises.

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