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Dear Prof. Hoppe (a blog of appreciation),


It is difficult to know where to begin this "letter". For the past several days, most of us have harshly criticized the disgusting display of political correctness and spinelessness at the UNLV. However, I would like to take an opportunity to thank you for everything that you mean to the Austrian and libertarian community, and for everything that you mean to me. The lectures that you have given are excellent in quality of both content and presentation. You even provide splendid moments of comic relief (paraphrased, "Perhaps we can raise the minimum wage to 1 million dollars an hour, and there will be no additional unemployment.") Your written papers, too, are splendid to read, with precise clarity of thought and presentation. Your book, Democracy: The God That Failed, was a pleasure to read. Your work has obviously been a great positive influence on Austrians and libertarians. Furthermore, you have had a profound influence on me.

When I first started studying libertarianism, an encouraging e-mail from you caused me to redouble my efforts to familiarize myself with Austrian and libertarian ideas. The lectures you gave at the Mises University (2004) were wonderful. You were easily approachable and sincere in everything you did, as well as thoughtful of any comments given or questions asked: truly, a kind man. Both your scholarly work and personal conduct exudes class. You are a treasure to Austrians and libertarians everywhere (whether they know it or not), and a great defender of liberty and truth.

Your work has touched the lives of thousands, if not millions, of people. I sincerely hope that you are entirely vindicated and compensated for the distress caused. Sincerely, David Heinrich

PS: I encourage others — and I am sure there are many of you — who are grateful and appreciative of Prof. Hoppe to express themselves in comments to this entry.

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