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Conservative Hypocrisy on Nordex


A German company, Nordex, is expanding—in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The company plans to hire up to 700 Americans at above-average wages. I haven’t heard any conservatives denounce the action of Nordex. Yet, when a US company builds a plant in Germany and hires German workers, some conservatives go ballistic and call on the US government to “do something” to keep jobs in the US—and I don’t mean just “do something” like cut taxes and regulations that hamper American businesses—while they denounce foreign direct investment, outsourcing, and even imports.

Laurence M. Vance is an Associated Scholar of the Mises Institute, founder of the Francis Wayland Institute, and a columnist for LewRockwell.com and the Future of Freedom Foundation. He is the author of The War on Drugs is a War on FreedomWar, Christianity, and the State: Essays on the Follies of Christian Militarism, and War, Empire, and the Military: Essays on the Follies of War and U.S. Foreign Policy.

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