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Bali prosecutors demand life in prison for Corby, alleged drug-importer


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Apparently, in Bali, one can get the death penalty for importing drugs. Bali prosecutors, however, have been "merciful", and only asked for life in prison for Schapelle Corby, an Australlian beauty therapist accused of smuggling 9lbs of marijuana into Bali.

Although no-one should be imprisoned for selling, importing, exporting, or using drugs in the first place, Corby claims that someone placed the drugs in her bag after she checked in at the airport. Ms. Corby believes that her life is over.

Do you know what the alleged reason is for such barbaric punishments in Bali? According to Prosecutor Ida Bagus Wiswantanu, the reason is:

"The defendant's actions can ruin the image of Bali as a tourist destination," he told the three judges who will determine her fate. "The defendant's actions can make Bali look like a drug haven and affect young people's lives."

Of all the worthless utilitarian arguments to justify life in prison, or death, for drug-use, that's one of the most atrocious I've heard. Because the prosecution thinks that Corby's actions "make Bali look like a drug haven", that justified life in prison, or even death. I'm sure similar arguments are used to "justify" stoning women to death for infidelity. Bali's punishments for drug-related crimes challenges the punishments given in the Middle East for adultery in terms of injustice and cruelty.

Incidentally, I don't think that sentencing women and men to life in prison, or possibly death, for drug "crimes" has a positive effect on tourism. It seems more likely to make Bali about as attractive as a tourist spot as Afghanistan.

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