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Another Medium of Exchange?


From Jeff Deist:

An important but overlooked story is Walmart's recent announcement that it will offer cheap store-to-store money transfers.  Given the ubiquity of Walmart stores (which are large and strategically located), this development represents a real threat to the existing wire-transfer industry. But what if Walmart reduced or eliminated the transfer fee, provided the transmitted funds could be spent only at Walmart?   Why not create some kind of Walmart scrip?

This is nothing more than an extension of retail store gift cards, or existing scrip programs such as Disney Dollars. But since virtually everything one needs to live (other than luxury type goods) can be purchased in Walmart stores, its scrip might begin to circulate among the public (as casino chips do to a limited extent in Las Vegas).  And while Disney Dollars might seem silly, they actually appreciate in value, unlike Federal Reserve Notes!

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