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Another Fascistic story out of Chicago


Tags Interventionism

This story is a little older but it shows the path down which Chicago is going. It is quite saddening to see our cities becoming increasingly regulatory and Fascistic. In this article, Fran Spielman writes about the incredible drive one alderman has to ban fatty foods from the streets of Chicago. This comes after a report listing Chicago as the one of the most obese cities in the United States. The alderman is attacking one specific type of fat, Trans-fatty acids. The proposed ban may only apply to restaurants yet it could very well continue into grocery stores. Many restaurant owners are protesting the ban arguing that it will raising costs significantly, driving out any marginal businessmen.

If the City Council can ban foie gras, a fatty liver delicacy that most Chicagoans have never tasted and cannot afford, why not ban a product that's known to cause obesity and heart disease? Chicago's most powerful alderman raised that question Wednesday, then began to answer it — by thinking out loud.

Sometimes some people, especially politicians and bureaucrats, should think to themselves.

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