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Alex Padilla's PhD Dissertation Defense


Alex Padilla successfully defended his PhD thesis on Thursday August 28 at Universite of Aix-Marseille III. Alex's thesis was entitled: "Insider Trading, Agency Theory, and Corporate Governance." Alex's work on Insider Trading started during a year in-residence at the Ludwig von Mises Institute and continued during another year in-residence as a visiting scholar at the James M. Buchanan Center for Political Economy. An earlier version of one of his dissertation chapters won the Don Lavoie Memorial Essay Contest of the Society for the Development of Austrian Economics and a subsequent version was published in the  Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics.

Alex is currently an assistant professor of economics at Metropolitan State in Denver, CO. Alex's committee consisted of Pierre Garello, Gerard Bramoulle, Peter Klein and myself. Alex has a number of  working papers available.


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