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Adam vs. the Man on IP


At the same time the vested interests try to ratchet up and expand IP,1 anti-IP awareness is spreading. Jeff Tucker emailed me about an anti-IP post from the Adam Smith Institute, which was then itself carried on the Christian Science Monitor, exclaiming “This is what a revolution looks like!” And just today I had this post from the Black Agenda Report called to my attention, Who You Callin’ A Pirate?!?! There’s also a growing internet furor over the RIAA’s attempts to obliterate the Fourth Amendment by seeking legislation to permit the po-po to conduct warrantless searches of suspected copyright infringers. The RIAA has become an agent of the state.

Just tonight I appeared on Adam vs. the Man (Episode #28), a great show hosted by Adam Kokesh on the RT network. He has a great segment arguing for IP abolitionism, and had me on as a guest near the end. The video is below.

*** Adam vs. the Man begins at the 15:30 mark in the video:

Full Show - 5/19/11. Faith & healthcare, Intellectual Property Rights

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