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When Gunmen Strike, You're on Your Own

U.S. HistoryMonopoly and CompetitionPolitical Theory

Police took more than an hour to confront the Las Vegas shooter. And that's just one illustration of how government monopolies work.

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If American Federalism Were like Swiss Federalism, There Would be 1,300 States

U.S. HistoryWorld HistoryPolitical Theory

Swiss political decentralization is far more small and localized than is the case in the United States.

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If We Want "Unity," Government Must Become Weaker

Decentralization and SecessionMonopoly and CompetitionPolitical Theory

The problem of majorities oppressing minorities becomes worse the larger the government becomes. The answer is to make the state weaker.

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Civil Asset Forfeiture: Another Stealth Tax

Legal SystemTaxes and SpendingPolitical Theory

Local governments could go to the taxpayers and ask for more revenue to fight crime. But, it's much easier to seize it from innocent suspects instead.

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How 1989's Invasion of Panama Set the Stage for 25 Years of Endless War

War and Foreign PolicyPolitical Theory

Manuel Noriega, who died this week, was a central figure in what would become a well-worn post Cold-War American habit of invading small countries.

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The Trump Budget: Real Cuts vs. the Media Version of "Cuts"

PovertyTaxes and SpendingPolitical Theory

The Trump budget proposes to increase spending on Medicaid by slightly less that what had been earlier proposed. In DC-speak, this is called a "cut."

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Can Libertarians Have Communal Property?

Political Theory

A society that is totally privatized can include community-owned property and common amenities. All that is necessary is that everything is voluntary.

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Why the Left Refuses to Talk About Venezuela

Political Theory

Venezuela represents one of the left's greatest victories against so-called neoliberalism. Oddly, they don't seem to be bragging about it.

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Public-Sector Unions Keep the Gravy Train Flowing to Fire Departments

Taxes and SpendingPolitical Theory

Fire departments rarely fight fires anymore, but you wouldn't know it the way department salaries are soaring.

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Dismantle the FBI, and Give its Money Back to the States

U.S. HistoryPolitical Theory

The FBI has long claimed that the states are too small and the US needs a huge national police force. There's no evidence that this is true.

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