Page 9 - Mises Institute Annual Report 2020
P. 9

 Research Fellows Program
 “ The Mises Institute is
a beacon for truth and liberty, the ‘mecca’ of
the Austrian school.
Being here allows me to research in the causal- realist tradition with the guidance of a wonderful faculty and staff, along with the camaraderie of” the other fellows.
–AntÓn Chamberlin
2020 Research Fellow
Research Fellows come to the Mises Institute to work on their PhD research and write books and scholarly articles . They work closely with our academic vice president, Professor Joseph Salerno, who has a long career teaching university-level economics and has mentored students in our academic programs for over twenty years .
Many former Research Fellows hold teaching jobs at colleges and universities around the world .
The program helps students build an international professional network with other Austrian scholars .

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