Page 3 - Mises Institute Annual Report 2020
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 SAmerica faces a grave crisis, as malevolent forces threaten to destroy us . Power-hungry statists manipulate our elections, foist unprecedented restrictions on our civil liberties in the guise of “health” measures, and demand a “Green New Deal” that will cripple our economy .
Even aside from these threats, the global economy
is in deep trouble, and the economic pain will be felt for many years to come . What’s worse, the proposed solutions are all more of the same, but on a much larger scale: more money printing, more bailouts, and more government spending .
This is why the Mises Institute was created: to preserve and advance liberty and good economics while opposing the intellectual mess that currently reigns in Washington and in countless regimes across the world .
Nonetheless, there are still many bright, young economists and students in other disciplines interested in doing good work. We offer them support. We don’t believe good economics is only for economists . It’s why our website continues to provide an enormous library, plus new and timely articles added daily .
After all, our website traffic has only increased since government lockdowns and a new era of economic crisis began last spring . People are looking for an antidote to the mainstream . We aim to provide it .
This is what I promised to Margit von Mises when she agreed to allow me to name our Institute after her husband . It’s what Murray and I planned when he became our academic vice president .
In fact, one might say 2020 was the year during which sound ecEonomicsS, and evSen economic common sense, was completely thrown aside . Central bankers hit the panic button and embraced the new orthodoxy, which is “anything goes .”
In the aft
ermath w
e rarel
y hear even mild protests from mainstream economists about runaway
government debt or the creation of trillions of dollars from nothing . More often than not, economists seem concerned with providing intellectual cover for the government planners and central bankers .
The latest crisis has taught us that it’s not easy to favor the free market and a free society without compromise . But this uncompromising view is what we teach our students at the Mises Institute, in our Mises University, Rothbard Graduate Seminar, and our other programs . We’re also nearing the completion of the first year of our graduate school, where we offer an MA in Austrian economics . This was the realization of one of Murray’s dreams for the Institute, and we plan to keep it going .
Our amazing donors make all of this possible, and we thank you .
HThis won’t last forever . At some point, reality will intervene, and we will be forced to admit the dream of wealth through easy money and government planning has failed . It won’t be a painless process . People
will revolt against “mask mandates” and lockdowns, militarism and meddling in other countries, and environmentalist nonsense .
The only way we’ll be able to recover is to recapture
Chairman’s Report
Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
 respect and an understanding of sound Austrian
economics as handed down to us by Ludwig von Mises
and Murray Rothbard and to carry on their struggle for liberty against the Leviathan State .

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