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 Jeff Deist
2020 was a terrible year in many ways, from government bans on business travel and shutdowns of schools to unprecedented profligacy by politicians and central bankers .
Yet 2020 also provided astounding opportunities for new thinking and new ideas to challenge failing orthodoxy .
In that sense the Mises Institute was proud to be
more active than ever . We continued to hold live
events throughout the year, which were gratefully and enthusiastically well attended without incident or illness . We were first out of the gate with Anatomy of the Crash, the book explaining how and why the economy was already exceedingly fragile prior to the covid lockdowns . Readership for mises .org and our publications grew rapidly, as millions of people sought to understand the economics and tradeoffs behind the “trust the science” rhetoric of the pandemic . Homeschooling took on a whole new meaning, both for parents using Mises Institute resources and adult learners interested in self-study . Our Human Action Podcast brought substantive books and theory to a lay audience eager to learn more about the Austrian school rather than stale chatter about current events. And our fundraising results reflected growing interest in our organization and mission .
Yet, more than anything, 2020 was the year millions of independent-minded people realized the pressing need for alternative institutions . It was the year “build your own platform” became both a rallying cry and an abject necessity in the face of deplatforming and cancel culture . We took that to heart, and went about working to make the Mises Institute one of those alternative institutions .
And in fact we did build another of our own platforms last year, successfully launching our long-awaited graduate program. The Institute now offers a Master of Arts in Austrian economics, a fully online degree which costs
a fraction of traditional university tuition . The courses are far superior and the faculty far better than those of
college programs . No Keynesianism, no monetarism, and no mistaking math or statistics for economics . Students learn from the best Austrian minds and experts in their particular subjects . Most of all, students absorb real treatises by Menger, Mises, Rothbard, Hoppe, and other giants . They learn theory, not positivism . And judging by our student surveys and the quality of our applicants, the program is already a success .
If you haven’t already, be sure to read about our graduate school at mises .org/edu . We guarantee you will be impressed and encouraged by our curriculum and program . Along with our summer Mises University for undergraduate students, the master’s degree ranks among our most important and vital offerings.
Mises .org, Mises University, and the new graduate program position us as the leading alternative school
in the world for real economics and the scholarship of freedom . The market for alternatives to bloated and expensive universities—especially in the covid era—is exploding, and we were thrilled to see growing interest in the Mises Institute throughout last year. In a difficult year full of white noise and statist media narratives, the Mises Institute stood as a beacon for freedom-loving people and anyone interested in sound economics, property, freedom, peace, and civilization itself .
We are grateful to you for your support and interest . We are careful and steady stewards of your donations . We are committed and optimistic advocates for Austrian economics . But none of what we do is possible without you, and we hope our Annual Report encourages you to stay involved and engaged with the Mises Institute .
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