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and Publications
  The purpose of Anatomy of the Crash, edited by Tho Bishop, is to place the ideas of the Austrian school within the context of the modern world and contemporary events . The writers put into perspective how and why the events of 2020 were devastatingly predictable .
During the early days of the 2020 lockdowns
and stay-at-home mandates, we put together Quarantine Chronicles: A Shelter-at-Home Series of essays, articles, and clips highlighting lesser-known
pieces that provide a deep understanding of important concepts and history . The topics
covered are: praxeology, political decentralization, and the history of the Austrian school .
We published two minibooks in 2020!
Henry Hazlitt’s timeless defense of free markets and property rights has
arrived at a time when the consequences of America’s disastrous government education system are on full display around the country . From the rise of proud socialist politicians to riots in the streets, we are witnessing the consequences of a civilization whose children reject the foundations of private property .
This important and vital book should be read by everyone, and thus we printed 100,000 copies and are making them available for free . If you are involved in a civic club, homeschooling network, student group, church network, discussion group, are a business owner, or have a few friends or family members who need to learn real economics, sign up to get free copies of Economics in One Lesson delivered to you. In the words of Ludwig von Mises, “We must fight all that we dislike in public life . We must substitute better ideas for wrong ideas .”
To get free copies go to . 16 | MISES INSTITUTE
Our special collections are available for visitors, Fellows, and researchers and provide excellent resources for any scholar. Wi-Fi offers a valuable opportunity for our Members to search the in-house collection of books, first editions, and ephemera. The Mises Institute maintains the archives of Dr. and Mrs. Ludwig von Mises, Dr. and Mrs. Murray N. Rothbard, Bettina Bien Greaves, and
a host of other respected Austrian economists.

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