Page 12 - Mises Institute Annual Report 2020
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   Mises Meetup in Orlando, Florida
Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Greg Roe
Jeff Deist and Patrick Newman addressed an enthusiastic crowd in Orlando, with a preelection discussion of America 2020 and the future of freedom .
   HOST COMMITTEE AND SPEAKER SPONSORS: Andy Hord, William Haynes, Greg and Joy Morin, Jeff Leskovar, Hunter and Juliana Hastings, Harvey and Mei Allison, Dr. Don Printz, Robert and Maria Luddy, Remy Demarest, Howard and Teri Dittrich, Carl and Karen Bowen
Supporters Summit
at Jekyll Island, Georgia
Lew Rockwell and Jeff Deist hosted an all-star speaker lineup at the private Jekyll Island Club, where the central bank was first schemed in 1910. Addressing Mises Institute Supporters on various topics related to the Federal Reserve were featured speaker Amity Shlaes, Judge Andrew P . Napolitano, Tom Woods, Tom DiLorenzo, Peter Klein, and Patrick Newman .
    Symposium with Ron Paul in Lake Jackson, Texas
Sponsored by Steve and Cassandra Torello
Focused on the future of our liberties in postelection America, hundreds gathered to hear Ron Paul, Jeff Deist, and Daniel McAdams . The students who attended especially enjoyed meeting a few of their heroes .

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