Page 10 - Mises Institute Annual Report 2020
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Seminars, Meetups, and More E
Mises Seminar at Loyola University New Orleans
Professor Walter Block welcomed Judge Andrew P . Napolitano, Jeff Deist, and Cliff Maloney to his campus for a hard-hitting discussion of the constitutional crisis in America . Video of this event is available at .
   Economics for Beginners
Launched in 2020, Economics for Beginners is a series of videos designed to show that economics is not a complicated subject fit only for people with college degrees but that it affects everyone on a daily basis, in both big and small ways, and is a normal aspect of our day-to-day life . Using short animated videos, basic and fundamental economic topics come to life. Perfect for someone looking for a simplified introduction to elementary economics or parents looking
to supplement their child’s economics education, the series includes discussion questions and additional readings that will ensure that viewers are not fooled by myths, lies, and distortions and the road to serfdom .
Learn more at .
video plays in 2020

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