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We are the worldwide epicenter of the Austrian economics movement.

The Mises Institute, founded in 1982, teaches the scholarship of Austrian economics, freedom, and peace. The liberal intellectual tradition of Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973) and Murray N. Rothbard (1926-1995) guides us. Accordingly, we seek a profound and radical shift in the intellectual climate: away from statism and toward a private property order. We encourage critical historical research, and stand against political correctness. The institute serves students, academics, business leaders, and anyone seeking better understanding of the Austrian school of economics and libertarian political theory.

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Institute Publications

Mises Destroys Socialism, Again and Again

Many criticisms directed against socialism are weak sauce compared to the penetrating and rigorous arguments developed...

Mises Weekends with Jeff Deist
Mises Weekends

Jeff Deist: Libertarian Strategy

Jeff Deist discusses libertarian strategy with Adam Camac and Daniel Laguros.

Institute Publications

The Fallacy of the 'Third Way'

American Amnesia is a work of propaganda, not of scholarly inquiry. It is simply an un-serious rehashing of old...

Judge Napolitano on Mises Weekends
Mises Weekends

Judge Andrew Napolitano: What the 1st Amendment Really Means

Judge Napolitano presents a dynamite talk on the real meaning of the 1st Amendment.

Socialism, Economic Calculation and Entrepreneurship by Jesús Huerta de Soto
Institute Publications

Jesús Huerta de Soto on Really Existing Socialism

Socialism is utter self-serving, elite-generated nonsense and the most evil, destructive, bone-headed religion that...

Early Speculative Bubbles by Douglas E. French
Institute Publications

Austrian Light on the History of Bubbles

You know you have crossed into the Austrian light when you wake up one morning and everything has become clear.