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You’ll Be Shocked the Learn There's Corruption at the Fed


Some fed officials simply shrugged off what was an obvious conflict of interest when they traded stocks and real estate holdings while making policy. The rules don't apply to central bankers.  

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Social Justice and the Emergence of Covid Tyranny


The covid regime has extended and deepened the epistemic crisis inaugurated by postmodernism and practical postmodernism. Science has devolved into a series of non sequiturs backed by force. Science has become postmodern.

Shakespeare Helps Us Understand Rome's Descent into Empire


In Shakespeare’s Rome, Cantor helps us to understand why Shakespeare was not only a great writer but a great political thinker as well, and that is no mean achievement.

The Fed Is Bailing Out the Wealthy as Everyone Else Pays the Price


Petrou's new book on monetary policy details how the Fed's turn toward QE and ultralow interest rates have done wonders for billionaires while impoverishing millions of ordinary people. 

What They Really Mean When They Say "Do the Right Thing"


When a politician says "do the right thing," what he means is "do what I say, or else." 

Can Economic Data Explain the Timing and Causes of Recessions?


Without establishing the underlying causes of boom-bust cycles, employing policies in response to changes in economic indicators to counter economic cycles is likely to destabilize the economy.

An Anatomy of Failure: China’s Wind Power Development

09/14/2021Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

China's central planning makes it remarkably inefficient.  China is the world’s largest installer of wind power. Yet with twice the wind capacity as the US, the Chinese still produce less power. 

War Has Declined in the West Because War Isn't "Worth It" for Rich Countries


Thanks to private property, trade, and the Industrial Revolution, there isn't much to be gained from wars among rich countries anymore. But things are different in the developing world. 

The Political Alchemy Called Modern Monetary Theory


MMT is a pseudoreligious conviction that anything is possible and that the one and only solution is always Glorious Government.



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