Freedom, Inequality, Primitivism, and the Division of Labor

Free MarketsPhilosophy and Methodology

9 hours agoMises Daily Articles
If men were like ants, there would be no interest in human freedom.

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What We Can Learn from the "Easy" Work Schedules of France's Hibernating Farm Workers

World History


Peasants in pre-industrial societies often worked fewer hours than modern-day workers. They also had a shockingly low standard of living. 

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Kentucky Teachers Want a Taxpayer Bailout

Taxes and Spending


The success of the private sector precedes the ability to have any employment in the public sector at all. But teachers want the private sector to pay until it hurts. 

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The Group vs. the Collective

Philosophy and Methodology

We are told the individual must subordinate himself for the good of the group. But who shall lead this group? And to what end?

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Yes, Economic Laws Still Apply to the Minimum Wage

Bureaucracy and RegulationValue and Exchange


Noah Smith has written yet another "popular" column challenging established economics assumptions. But he's really only appealing to his reader's established biases.

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Introduction to the Civil War

U.S. History

Chris Calton introduces the third season of Historical Controversies.

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Can Freedom Survive Without the State?

Private Property

04/18/2018The Austrian
Ferguson concludes an orderly society requires a strong state, but more insightful readers might draw a different conclusion from his critique of the state.

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Trump Nominates Another Obama-Approved Federal Reserve Nominee

04/17/2018Power & Market

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