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Justice and "Social Justice" Are Two Very Different Things

Taxes and SpendingPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

Blog6 hours ago
There's no way to square the coercive positive rights of “social justice” with the concept of “liberty and justice for all.”

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The "Washington Monument Syndrome" Strikes Again as Trump Imposes Hiring Freeze

Blog6 hours ago
In response to a hiring freeze on civilian staff — and to cause a public outcry — the Army immediately moved to cut the most popular programs.

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Minouche Shafik: Apologist for the Experts

The FedMoney and Banks

14 hours agoFedWatch
The global bureaucrats are noticing that the masses are becoming disillusioned with "the experts." And they feel the need to combat the trend.

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Why Government Spending Matters More than the Size of the Deficit

Taxes and SpendingPolitical Theory

Blog17 hours ago
The only meaningful contribution the government can make to people’s living standards is by focusing on a reduction in government spending.

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Will the United States Survive to 1984?

Big GovernmentEducationPolitical Theory

18 hours agoArticles of Interest
In this still-relevant talk from the early 70s, Ralph Raico examines why libertarians can't rely on either the New Left or the Conservatives.

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Mises on Political Compromise

Blog21 hours ago
No truth is small enough to be sacrificed in the game of political compromise.

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