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The Dangers of a "Universal Basic Income"

InterventionismValue and Exchange

Blog4 hours ago

A "universal basic income" serves to make workers and entrepreneurs less likely to produce goods and services the consumers need most.

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In a Free Market, No Profit is "Excessive"

The EntrepreneurPrices

Blog12 hours ago

Profit is a product of the mind, of success in anticipating the future state of the market. It is a spiritual and intellectual phenomenon.

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Will Trump Continue the Bush-Obama Legacy?

The FedTaxes and Spending

Blog14 hours ago

The only way to avoid fiscal crises is to stop increasing spending and instead begin reducing spending on all aspects of the welfare-warfare state.

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Why Fractional-Reserve Banking Would Be Limited in an Unhampered Market

Money and Banking


In a free market economy, banks would actually have to clear their checks and this would be a deterrent to creating money out of "air."

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Week in Review: January 14, 2017

Corporate WelfareTaxes and SpendingPolitical Theory


The nation braces itself for the inauguration of a new president. Politics, however, will not cure what ails us.

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Let Businesses Decide for Themselves Where to Make Their Products

U.S. EconomyPolitical Theory


Some products are best made in the USA, and some or not. Business themselves are the only ones in the position to make an informed choice on this.

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