Do Graduate Degrees Produce Value?

Blog7 hours ago
The case for not taxing tuition waivers is the same as the case for not taxing anything else. There's nothing magical about graduate degrees.

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The Propaganda War Against Capitalism

EducationMedia and Culture

Blog8 hours ago

The most popular method of deprecating capitalism is to make it responsible for every condition which is considered unsatisfactory.

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From Direct Democracy to Centralization: the Swiss Health Care Experiment

Blog11 hours ago
The Swiss health care system is slowly becoming more centralized and state-controlled.

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Kansas Bleeds

U.S. History

In this episode, Chris Calton describes the erupting tensions between pro-slavery and anti-slavery settlers and politicians.

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No Neutral Ground: The Problem of Net Neutrality

Bureaucracy and RegulationPrices

If one likes the internet's remarkable evolution to this point, it seems odd to assert that now is the moment to freeze it through government action.

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Entrepreneurship: Kirzner vs. Mises

EntrepreneurshipHistory of the Austrian School of EconomicsPhilosophy and Methodology

Mises conceives of the entrepreneur as the uncertainty-bearer. For Kirzner, entrepreneurship becomes reduced to the quality of alertness.

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Chile’s "Failed" Neoliberal Reform Is Looking Pretty Good

Global EconomyWorld History

Chile is getting richer faster than other countries from Latin America. If this is a “crisis,” other nations should hope for a similar fate.

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Asset Prices Are Prices Too

Money and BanksMoney and Banking

Inflation is alive and kicking, and it is currently raging in asset price increases.

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