We Don't Need to Create Jobs — We Need to Create Value

Value and Exchange

Blog8 hours ago
Wages spring directly from, and are proportional to, the degree in which a job creates wealth by helping to satisfy an unmet need.

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Self-Determination, not Universalism, is the Goal

Free MarketsLegal SystemStrategyPolitical Theory

Blog16 hours ago
The future is decentralized; why are so many libertarians arguing for the opposite?

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Memorial Day and the Meaning of Freedom

Blog20 hours ago
What does freedom really mean? Freedom is the absence of state coercion. Nothing more, but certainly nothing less.

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There Ain’t no Economics in Economic Impact Studies

Interest groups often commission "impact studies" that just happen to prove the economy will benefit from whatever the interest group wants to do.

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Week in Review: May 27, 2017

StrategyWorld HistoryPolitical TheoryPraxeology

Trump's budget signals that as far as government spending goes, it's business as usual in Washington.

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How Not to Study the State

EducationPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

Most high school government classes offer an analysis of the state that's shockingly simplistic and simple-minded.

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Patrick Newman: Rothbard vs. The Progressive Era

U.S. EconomyU.S. History

Jeff Deist and Patrick Newman discuss Murray Rothbard's unique analysis of a critical time in US history.

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Federal Bureaucrat to the Public: Be Afraid!

Governments have always thrived on the fear of the taxpayers, and the DHS secretary is sure that if we knew what he knew, we'd "never leave the house."

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