Economic Warfare

Free Markets

7 hours agoMises Daily Articles
Pundits use the language of war and strife to depict economic relationships, but economics addresses mutual benefit, or positive-sum games.

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The Myths Behind "Equal Pay Day"

Bureaucracy and RegulationValue and Exchange

Blog10 hours ago

If the "pay gap" narrative were true, "greedy" employers would hire more women to get the same work done at lower wages.

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South Carolina Stands Alone

U.S. History

11 hours agoAudio/Video
For almost a month, South Carolina was the only state to have formally seceded from the Union.

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How Neocons Destroyed a Chance for Peace with Iran After 9/11

Protectionism and Free TradeWar and Foreign Policy


As Trump considers ending the Iran nuclear deal, a look back at how the Bush administration betrayed one of its first allies in the "War on Terror."

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The Woes of Economics

Booms and BustsBusiness CyclesOther Schools of Thought

Letting data drive theory is like groping in the dark hoping to find not only a light switch, but the very idea of a light switch as well. 

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Salvation through Squandering?

Taxes and SpendingMoney and Banking


We are told that if further signs of recession develop the government must spend more to keep the boom whipped up. This is false.

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Leland Yeager, R.I.P.

History of the Austrian School of Economics


I am sorry to report that Leland Yeager passed away on April 23, at the venerable age of 93. 

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How a Free-Trade Zone Made America Great

Protectionism and Free Trade


The lack of trade barriers between US states offers lessons for US trade relations with other countries.

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