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An Ancient Warning: Criminal Trespass Is the State’s Essential Feature

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The Bible the ancient Israelites were warned about the dangers of having a government that would tax them heavily and oppress them. They didn't listen.

Thanks to Our Fall Campaign Donors

09/30/2022Mises Wire

Thanks to all of our generous donors who participated in our 2022 Fall Campaign. Your continued support is vital and much appreciated.

To Limit the Reach of America's Stasi, the FBI, Vacate All FISA Rulings

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The FBI operates as an agency whose players know they are untouchable in the current regime. Vacating FISA rulings is one way to fight back.

The Economics of War

Daniel McAdams joins Jeff and Bob to discuss the economic and political ramifications of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline sabotage. 

How the Policy of Price Stability Generates Greater Economic Instability


The Fed claims 2 percent inflation promotes "price stability." However, that policy also causes the boom-and-bust cycle, which is anything but stable.

Biggar Thy Neighbor


Is there a case for an American empire? Professor Nigel Biggar of Oxford University believes so, but David Gordon sets him straight.

The Secessionist French Classical Liberals: Molinari and Dunoyer


Radical Charles Dunoyer wanted "the municipalization of the world" by which states would be broken up and forced to compete both with the private sector and with countless other states.

What Drove the Industrial Revolution in Britain? It Wasn't Slavery


Some claim that slavery was the main reason for the success of the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain, but the answer lies elsewhere.



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