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Yellen Grilled on Fed Partisanship

Big GovernmentThe Fed

Blog4 hours ago

The Fed's claim of independence is as shallow as its numerous promises to raise rates and return to normal monetary policy.

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Baby Steps Toward Marijuana Legalization in Poland

Legal SystemMonopoly and CompetitionPolitical Theory

Blog6 hours ago

A Polish politician's severe illness has suddenly put legalization of medical marijuana on the table.

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Roll Call: 'The Deficit Debate Has Disappeared'

Taxes and SpendingPolitical Theory

Blog16 hours ago

Donald Trump has forced the GOP to admit it really has no interest in serious spending cuts or in balancing the budget.

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The New Nevada: Taxpayer Bucks for Billionaires

Taxes and SpendingU.S. EconomyPolitical Theory

Blog21 hours ago

The Silver State is not what it used to be and its lawmakers can not help saying "yes" to billionaires seeking taxpayer largesse.


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How the Mises Institute Builds New Scholars

EducationAustrian Economics OverviewHistory of the Austrian School of EconomicsPhilosophy and Methodology

Blog22 hours ago

In the tradition of Ludwig von Mises himself, the Mises Institute works daily to pass on sound economics to a new generation of teachers and writers.

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A Handful of Cities Are Driving the Increase in Murder Rates


Driven by rising homicides in a handful of cities, the US homicide rate is increasing. Fortunately, the rate remains near a 50-year low.

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