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Minibook Collection

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Price: $61.00
Minibook Collection
  • Anatomy of the State
  • Economic Depressions: Their Cause and Cure
  • Essential von Mises, The
  • Free Market Monetary System, A
  • The Law
  • Liberty and Property
  • Mises and Austrian Economics: A Personal View
  • Mises in America
  • Not a Zero-Sum Game: The Paradox of Exchange
  • Origins of the Federal Reserve, The
  • Private Production of Defense, The
  • Production of Security, The


Buy all of LvMI's monograph books together and save!
These books are under 100 pages each and smaller than 6"x9":

1 Anatomy of the State (Rothbard) $5.00
1 Economic Depressions: Their Cause and Cure (Rothbard) $5.00
1 Essential von Mises (Rothbard) $8.00
1 Free Market Monetary System (Hayek) $5.00
1 The Law (Bastiat) $6.00
1 Liberty and Property (Mises) $8.00
1 Mises and Austrian Economics (Ron Paul) $4.00
1 Mises in America (Petterson/Rockwell intro) $8.00
1 Not a Zero Sum Game (Ayau) $5.00
1 Origins of the Federal Reserve (Rothbard) $8.00
1 Private Production of Defense (Hoppe) $5.00
1 Production of Security (Molinari) $5.00

Total purchased individually = $ 72.00

As a collection = $61.00


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