Operation Twisted Logic

Mises DailySeptember 26, 2011
The Fed's entire policy program suffers from the same defect that all market interventions suffer from. The moment you stop intervening, the underlying problems come to the surface again. Administrative price setting does not change economic reality, at least not for the better...

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Mises Academy

Fiat Money End Game: Operation Twist, the Present Market Shake-up, and the Coming Monetary Breakdown

Online Course
Austrian economist and writer, Detlev S. Schlichter, will explain the present financial crisis as the inevitable consequence of a global system of unrestricted paper money production and the decades-long subsidization of credit creation through fractional-reserve banking.

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The Moral Case for the Free Market Economy

BooksJuly 6, 2006
Tibor Machan makes the case for the free market system of economics based on the view of human beings as moral agents with the legal system of a good community as designed to nurture this moral agency.

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Fractional Reserves and Economic Instability

Mises DailyJuly 12, 2012
Better economists recognize fractional-reserve banking as a major source of financial and economic instability.

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Yet Another "Operation Twist"?

Mises DailyJuly 10, 2012
The Fed's plan will fail: a fall in interest rates cannot cause the economy to grow.

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Banks, Central Banking and Economic Instability

BlogJune 30, 2012

Oral Argument at Hearing entitled “Fractional Reserve Banking and the Federal Reserve: The Economic Consequences of High-Powered Money” Thursday, June 28, 2012
Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology by John P. Cochran....

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The Case for Legalizing Capitalism

BooksJuly 14, 2010
What is the "American system" of economics? Kel Kelly responds in this fast-paced, near-comprehensive treatment of the truth about the free market and intervention...

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Power and Market: Government and the Economy

BooksJuly 20, 2005
What can government do to enhance social and economic well being? Nothing, says Murray N. Rothbard. Power and Market is the ultimate manual for completely de-mystifying the myth of the state.

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The Free Market Reader

BooksAugust 29, 2008
One of the best introductions to libertarian/free market thought and is "straightforward, logical, and fun."...

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Macro-Economic Thinking and the Market Economy

BooksDecember 7, 2007
Lachmann evaluates some of the more sophisticated ideas criticizing the market economy.

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The Free Market and Its Enemy

BooksMarch 15, 2009
Read explores "the miraculous workings of tiny creativities, the ultimate constituents of the free market..."...

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Market Theory and the Price System

BooksFebruary 9, 2007
Israel Kirzner's outstanding book on price theory.

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Money, Method, and the Market Process

BooksJuly 20, 2005
This edition contains a wide sampling of Mises's academic essays on money, trade, and economic systems...

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Foundations of the Market Price System

BooksApril 19, 2007
Murray Rothbard just loved this Austrian text on microeconomic theory.

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Stock Market, Credit, and Capital Formation, The

BooksJuly 20, 2005
Economist Fritz Machlup was an early Misesian who wrote this book as an early study in the workings of the business cycle. In particular, he investigates and explains the relationship between expanding credit, monetary policy, and rising stock prices. The German edition was written in 1929 and...

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Free Market Economics: A Basic Reader

BooksApril 10, 2007
Bettina Bien Greaves assembled this volume as a one-stop primer in economics.

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Free Market Economics: A Syllabus

BooksApril 12, 2007
This is a complete economics education for high-school age students, providing lessons, study questions, activities, and readings for each topic under consideration.

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Is the Market a Test of Truth and Beauty?

BooksJune 2, 2011
This vast collection is a tribute to the range of Yeager's brilliance and erudition, and a reminder that his contributions are enormous...

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Capital, Expectations, and the Market Process

BooksOctober 13, 2009
This collection includes seventeen of Ludwig Lachmann's most important papers published from 1940 to 1973...

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