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Grant Nülle, MBA, is a former legislative staffer, finance director, and budget analyst with extensive experience in fiscal and economic policy. He is currently working on a PhD in mineral and energy economics in Colorado. Send him mail.

Cutting Is So Hard to Do

Mises DailyAugust 9, 2010
"Because there is no link between the 'revenue' acquired by government agencies and the costs they incur, there is no way of utilizing the yardstick of profitability to evaluate whether agencies are performing a useful function."...

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Bush Battles the Chinese Sock Threat

Mises DailyDecember 29, 2005
American textile producers have been coddled by Washington for several decades, writes Grant Nulle, and the new agreement is more of the same.

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Knickers in a Bind

Mises DailySeptember 27, 2005
The EU has taken aim at China's textile industry, writes Grant Nulle. This is harmful to all parties.

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Is the Euro Forever?

Mises DailyJuly 26, 2005
Leaders of European Union member states have been reeling from the double rejection of the proposed European Constitution by two of the six founding members, writes Grant Nülle.

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Why the State Celebrates Its Failures

Mises DailyMay 9, 2005
Two years after the Iraq War was declared largely over, hostilities continue, spending mounts, and the very rationale for the war has been utterly and completely demolished, writes Grant Nülle.

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