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Burton Blumert

Bagels, Barry Bonds, and Rotten Politicians

BooksMarch 30, 2009
Burton Blumert offers his wide-ranging insights in this funny, charming, and also learned collection of essays from many years of writing.

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Gold's Not Dead

Audio/VideoDecember 19, 2008
Recorded at the Toronto Stock Exchange; September 16-17, 1999. [20:57]

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Gold vs. Government

Audio/VideoMarch 8, 2005
Recorded at the Austrian Economics and Financial Markets conference at The Venetian Hotel Resort Casino, Las Vegas, 02-19-2005 [5:15]

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Sacagawea: What Happened?

Mises DailyMay 25, 2001
The Sacagawea $1 coin was introduced with great fanfare. But so far as anyone can tell, it has disappeared. What happened? Burt Blumert explains.

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