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The Ward and Massey Libraries

The Ward and Massey Libraries, specializing in the Austrian School of economics and classical liberalism, have been the grateful recipients of a number of valuable collections, including the books of Murray N. Rothbard, Zygmund Dobbs, Robert Lefevre, Evlyn and William Samford, and Sudha Shenoy.

To donate books to the Ward and Massey Libraries, please write us at contact@mises.org.

Books may be removed from stacks only while in use, and then returned immediately. This is not a catalog but a private collection. Donations of new and old books on economics, philosophy, law, and history, in all languages, are gladly accepted. Books for purchase are at the online store.



Ward and Massey Libraries of the Mises Institute Search: 1 results.

TitleAuthorDate Added
Gli Antifederalisti I Nemici Della Centralizzazione In America (1787-1788) Alberto Giordano 2/23/2012