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The Ludwig von Mises Institute

Tu Ne Cede Malis

Advancing the scholarship of liberty in the tradition of the Austrian School for 30 years

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Published from 1977 to 2008, Volumes 1-21

Editorial Board

FOUNDING EDITOR: Murray N. Rothbard (1926-1995); past Editors: Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Roderick T. Long; Managing Editor: Judith Thommesen; Publisher: Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., Ludwig von Mises Institute 

Since its first issue in the Spring of 1977, the Journal of Libertarian Studies, founded by Murray N. Rothbard, has been the voice of scholarship in libertarian theory, was the major launching pad for every new idea that shaped the world of libertarianism, the preeminent forum for the airing of revisionist historical research on war and interventionism, and the primary venue for reconstruction of the history of ideas in terms of libertarian ideas. You can purchase back issues online.


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Volume 21

Mises and Rothbard Letters to Ayn Rand Ludwig von Mises Vol. 21 Num. 4
Romanticism and Modern Fiction Murray N. Rothbard Vol. 21 Num. 4
The Limits of Jacksonian Liberalism: Individualism, Dissent, and the Gospel of Andrew According to Lysander Spooner Raymond James Krohn Vol. 21 Num. 2

Volume 20

The Spooner-Tucker Doctrine: An Economist's View Murray N. Rothbard Vol. 20 Num. 1

Volume 16

Milton Friedman Unraveled Murray N. Rothbard Vol. 16 Num. 4

Volume 14

White Male Privilege? A Social Construct for Political Oppression Hugh Murray Vol. 14 Num. 1

Volume 12

Origins of the Welfare State in America Murray N. Rothbard Vol. 12 Num. 2

Volume 11

Bureaucracy and the Civil Service in the United States Murray N. Rothbard Vol. 11 Num. 2
Nations by Consent: Decomposing the Nation-State Murray N. Rothbard Vol. 11 Num. 1

Volume 10

Introduction to the French Edition of Ethics of Liberty Murray N. Rothbard Vol. 10 Num. 1

Volume 9

Concepts of the Role of Intellectuals In Social Change Toward Laissez Faire Murray N. Rothbard Vol. 9 Num. 2
World War I as Fulfillment: Power and the Intellectuals Murray N. Rothbard Vol. 9 Num. 1

Volume 7

Professor Hebert on Entrepreneurship Murray N. Rothbard Vol. 7 Num. 2

Volume 5

Laissez-Faire Radical: A Quest for the Historical Mises Murray N. Rothbard Vol. 5 Num. 3

Volume 4

Ludwig Von Mises and Natural Law: A Comment on Professor Gonce Murray N. Rothbard Vol. 4 Num. 3
F.A. Hayek on Liberty and Tradition John N. Gray Vol. 4 Num. 2
King on Punishment: A Comment Murray N. Rothbard Vol. 4 Num. 2
Libertarians and the Authoritarian Personality J.J. Ray Vol. 4 Num. 1

Volume 2

Foreign Policy of the Old Right, The Murray N. Rothbard Vol. 2 Num. 1

Volume 1

Editorial Murray N. Rothbard Vol. 1 Num. 1
Robert Nozick and the Immaculate Conception of the State Murray N. Rothbard Vol. 1 Num. 1